Thursday, 25 July 2013

God's timing

Hiya everyone!  Alex here and i just wanted to let you all in on a bit of whats happened since our last video update.  In our update, at the end, we had some prayer requests one of which was for David our landlord.  David was the neighbour of Bryce for about 10 years and in that time he was able to share and speak with David and build a friendship with him, however David never wanted anything to do with the Gospel.  Also David's father is a priest at the Methodist church in town and his brother a missionary in Albania yet never wanted to know God.... until....

One of the days we were moving into our house with Bryce David came up and asked if he were going to be around for a bit because "i have to talk to you".  David returned and just broke down in tears.  He and Bryce spoke for about 40 min and then he left, we got in the car with Bryce where he was just completely in shock about what had just happened and was convinced that David had just accepted the Lord.  About a week ago, just a couple of days after our video, Bryce and David got together and had another 3 hour conversation about what all was going on.  Needless to say David was a church on Sunday morning and the midweek study Wednesday night, He lives nearly an hour away!  So we wanted to say THANK YOU! PRAISE THE LORD!  David is beginning to walk with the Lord so please continue to pray for him and his family as this is going to be the biggest change he's never experienced.

Now as you all know the Visa that Lindsay and i need to come here had been delayed which turned out to be a huge blessing for us, we were able to see friends, sell things, go to a wedding, PACK!  But what we weren't able to see is this.  If it weren't for our visas being delayed we would have never been able to get into this house.  We would have looked elsewhere for a place to live.  With our delay Bryce and David were put right in each others paths at the EXACT MOMENT when David needed him most.  If it weren't for that delay only GOD knows where things could have headed.  But He used that to put them both together and after years of plowing and watering hard ground, fruit came forth.

When there is a "delay" in our plans we are only able to look at the here in now, whereas GOD knows the beginning from the end and His timing is PERFECT we just need to trust and keep our eyes open!

David and his continued walk with the Lord
Creation Fest ( Aug 2- 12) Hearts of service for the church heading down and souls to be saved.
A Heart of Love and Humility as we serve

Thanks for Serving with us!

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